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Rocketry Club

The Team True Fire Rocketry Club is a premier high school research group for experimental rocket technologies. Nearly 15 high school and middle school students representing 8 local schools make up the 2023-24 team. Led by Riverview High School junior Daniel Desear and with help from mentor Mr. Russell Finger, the team is designing and constructing a rocket to launch 10,000+ ft in the Spring of 2024. The interdisciplinary research project provides students with a real-world learning experience in physics, engineering, computer programming, chemistry, and mathematics, paving the way for exciting discoveries and hands-on education.

2022-23 Rocketry Club rocket launch

CLICK HERE to visit the club's official website, managed fully by the student team!

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"I believe that space exploration has the power to bring people together and to inspire us to achieve great things. The fact that this project is a pioneering effort for high school students makes it all the more meaningful to me. It shows that age is not a barrier to achieving great things and that with hard work and determination, anyone can make a difference in the world." - Sebastian Grabowski, Rocketry Club student founder


2023 Results

The Vanguard mission was the final showcase of the team's efforts for the 2022-2023 school year. The team traveled to the Spaceport Rocketry Association launch field on July 15, 2023, in pursuit of their goals. After much preparation and some bumps in the road, the Vanguard rocket took flight at 4:35 PM, successfully reaching an altitude of nearly 6,400 feet. Following its ascent, the rocket descended and landed around 4,000 feet away from the launchpad.

As the team continues to push the boundaries of experimental rocketry, the Vanguard mission serves as a testament to the resourcefulness and innovation of high school students.

Click here to read the full Vanguard launch report from the 2022-23 launch!

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