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All camps run from 8:30am – 12:00pm daily | Week-long themes | ONLY 15 students per camp | All supplies included

info@suncoastscience.org | 941-840-4394 | 4452 Beneva Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233





How It’s Made

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade is SOLD OUT)

Ever wonder how candy is made, how to make the bounciest rubber ball, or how to create magnetic slime?  Come explore the science behind polymers, manufacturing, and innovation as we explore using Fab Lab technology and chemistry to make amazing (and delicious) creations! 


Art in Science & Science in Art

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade students)

Explore your creative side as we design and create one-of-a-kind works of Pop-Art, kinetic-sculpture, wearable, and even edible pancake art using Fab Lab technology.  Explore chemistry, programming, and physics as we make amazing solar and electrical art and discover the remarkable mathematical art found in our own backyards! 


Lego™ Engineering

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade students)

Calling all Master Builders!  Come to a “Bricktastic” week where you will use Fab Lab tech to design and build a brick keeper, collaborate on a LEGO Great Ball Contraption, and create your own unique minifig with our 3D printer.  Join us as we explore best builds, our favorite bricks, and the cool science behind simple and compound machines.


Crime Scene Science

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade students)

Learn how to investigate a crime scene, create laser cut fingerprint projects and evidence collection containers.  Examine and recreate evidence such as 3d printed teeth, use high-tech equipment to study proteins commonly found at a crime scene. 


Escape Room

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade students)

Do you love solving puzzles? Join us as we turn the Fab Lab into our very own escape room! We’ll make puzzles, solve riddles, and maybe program a robot or two! This camp will stretch your mind and force you to think outside the box! 


Maker’s Week

($200/week | 4th-5th grade students; 6th-8th grade students)

Have an urge to make and create? Then this is the camp for you! You will complete a design challenge every day, learn how to use our favorite fab lab machines, and have some time to test your skills on the machines to create something uniquely yours.


Lovingly Sew presents: Fabrics and Fabrication

($225/week | 6th-8th grade students)

Ever wanted to create something uniquely yours to express who you are?  Join us as you learn the art of pattern making, sewing and embroidery to create a tote bag that reflects your personality!  Use our laser cutter and vinyl cutter to add accessories to your tote.  This camp extends until 1:00 daily where we will bring everyone together to discuss a topic of the day and connect as a group. 


Beginning Robotics

($200/week | 4th-6th grade students)

Using Lego Mindstorms EV3 – Design, build and learn basic coding skills to complete daily challenges. Use the engineering design process, critical thinking skills and logic to have your bot perform a variety of tasks both effectively and efficiently.


Intermediate Robotics

($200/week | 6th-8th grade students) SOLD OUT!

Using VEX IQ robotics – Design, build and learn basic coding skills to complete daily challenges. Great for middle school and high school students interested in or pursuing TSA and VEX competitions.




Check-In and Pick-Up

Morning check-in: 8:00-8:30am | Check-out: 12:00pm

Please accompany your child to check-in each day to sign them in. Check-in will take place at the main entrance located near the rear of the building from 8:00-8:30am. Parents/guardians are requested to sign their child out when picking them up at noon. If someone other than you will be picking up your child, please notify Suncoast Science Center staff at check-in. You will be asked to add that person’s name to your account.


For your child’s safety, do not drop your child off at the Suncoast Science Center if a staff member is not present to receive them. Photo IDs are required at check-out; please have yours ready.

For your convenience, we offer curbside pick-up after camp. Please place the car sign on your dash where it is visible to staff. Our staff will radio for your camper and accompany them to your vehicle. If you forget your car sign, you will be required to park and enter the building to sign out your child.

Dress Code

Students should wear comfortable, fitted, casual clothing and closed-toe/closed-heel shoes. Gym or tennis shoes – NO SANDALS or FLIP FLOPS. Loose clothing and jewelry are not permitted for safety purposes and long hair must be secured. Please label sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, etc. with your child’s name.


You are welcome to pack snacks/water for your child. Please use a small cooler if refrigeration is needed and remember to label the cooler/lunch box with your child’s name.

Release Forms

Waiver, Release and Authorization forms are mandatory for your child’s participation and must be signed in your account prior to check-in on your child’s first day. If your waiver forms are not signed on the first day of camp, a staff member will ask you to log in to your account to sign the forms during Day 1 check-in.


Cancellations should be made at least 14 days before camp begins. Suncoast Science Center will retain a $15 processing fee after cancellation. No refund is available for cancellations within the 14 days before your registered session begins.





For each student to have a positive, safe experience at the Suncoast Science Center Summer Programs, we have established the following expectations. Suncoast Science Center staff members will discuss expectations with students on the first day of camp. We would appreciate your help in reinforcing them! We know this is going to be a wonderful experience for all involved, students and staff alike.

  1. Running inside the building is not permitted.
  2. No food or drink (including candy and gum) is allowed in class or machine area. Snacks you bring will be set in a holding area in the building to be accessed during snack time only. This ensures the equipment and machines will remain in good working order.
  3. The Golden Rule… Treat others as you want to be treated! This means raising your hand to speak, respecting others’ personal space, being considerate and helpful, etc.
  4. The misuse/mistreatment of tools, equipment and machines will not be tolerated.
  5. Stay with your group at all times. Wandering through the building unaccompanied is not permitted for your own safety.


To reinforce these rules and encourage an appropriate and safe learning environment, we employ the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” policy in relation to the above expectations.


  • First infraction: A warning will be issued. Summer Camp or Science Center staff will make sure the student understand he/she has been duly warned.
  • Second infraction: A time-out will be issued by Summer Camp or Science Center staff.
  • Third infraction: Summer Camp Coordinator will be called to conduct a counseling session with the student. This is the student’s first strike.

After following the above policy for the second time, the Summer Camp Coordinator will counsel with the student and parent/guardian will be contacted via phone. This is the student’s second strike.

After following the above policy for the third time, the Summer Camp Coordinator will send the student home. This is the student’s third strike.


Questions and Contact: info@suncoastscience.org | 941-840-4394 | 4452 Beneva Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

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