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Summer Camps

2022 Summer Camp registration is NOW OPEN!

Fab Lab summer camps are designed for students, by studentsEach camp session is $200 and runs Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm. Please select the camp grade level based on the grade your child is entering in the 2022-23 school year.


Camps are currently SOLD OUT! If you're interested in a camp, add yourself to the waitlist by following the registration process below. We'll notify you if a spot becomes available!

We do our best to keep the list below updated but the latest enrollment information is reflected in the registration portal.

June 6-10

STEAM Camp (2-3rd) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Chemistry (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available


June 13-17

Engineering (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Coding & Game Design (6-8th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

June 20-24

Space Science (2-3rd) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Robotics (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

June 27-July 1

Scratch Coding (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Engineering Bots (6-8th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

July 4-8



July 11-15

Art & Design (2-3rd) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Murder Mystery (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

July 18-22

Aeronautics (4-5th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Biology (6-8th) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available


July 25-29

Chemistry (2-3rd) SOLD OUT! Waitlist available

Theater & Prop Design (6-8th) TWO spots remain!

New to the Fab Lab? For the first time you register, simply click the Get Started button after clicking the green button above and follow the prompts to add your child(ren) as "Members." Once your children are added, select "Enroll in a Program" and select the 2022 Summer Camp sessions you wish to enroll in. You will follow the same process to be added to a waitlist. You will not be charged when waitlisted. If you have any questions, call 941-840-4394 or info@suncoastscience.org.

Learn more about the different camps below and meet your FABulous instructors!

Explorers camps are all about purposeful play. Kids will have a blast playing and discovering new interests through hands on activities plus they'll make fun take-home projects using Fab Lab equipment like laser and vinyl cutters.

ART & DESIGN (2-3rd) - $200  

Unleash your creativity as the worlds of art and digital design unite! Learn how to create your own logo or custom design and then bring it to life using digital design and animation software, laser cutters, vinyl cutters and much more. We promise that Art camp at the Fab Lab is unlike any other! Led by Angela & Lora

CHEMISTRY (2-3rd) - $200  

Through hands-on experiments, testing chemical reactions, learning lab safety and participating in chemistry challenges, you’ll be a chem whiz in no time. Come ready to learn and leave prepared for a genuine laboratory chemistry class, with a bunch of take-home lab creations! Led by Ali & Jessica

SPACE SCIENCE (2-3rd) - $200  

Houston, we have a solution! Campers will learn about planets, stars, gravity and the physics of space through hands on activities like making astronaut ice cream, solar photography, creating and launching a space ship and so much more! Get ready to blast off into a world of fun and wonder during this special mission. Led by Angela & Jessica

STEAM CAMP (2-3rd) - $200  

Chemistry experiments, robots, art challenges, oh my! Each day, we’ll explore a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) area. Super fun, hands on activities and collaborative projects will stimulate campers' curiosity and allow them to discover their interests at a young age. Led by Angela & Karissa

This isn't your traditional science camp... Through innovative (and FUN) activities, challenges and the use of high-tech machines, kids will level up their learning and join the STEAM Squad!

AERONAUTICS (4-5th) - $200  

Explore the science of flight as you participate in a plethora of fun challenges throughout the week. Can you build the fastest laser cut airplane? What about the highest launching rocket? Learn about aeronautical engineering, astronautical engineering and aerodynamics as you take flight with the Fab Lab! Led by Max & Lora

CHEMISTRY (4-5th) - $200  

Through hands-on experiments, testing chemical reactions, learning lab safety and participating in super cool food science challenges, you’ll be a chem whiz in no time. Come ready to learn and leave prepared for a genuine laboratory chemistry class, with a bunch of take-home lab creations! Led by Ali, Nicolas & Lily

Important note: Some activities will include preparing and eating food that may contain allergens such as dairy, eggs and peanuts. We can not guarantee that your child will not come in contact with the potential allergens so please be mindful when registering if your child has food allergies.

CODING WITH SCRATCH (4-5th) - $200  

Learn the basics of coding through the drag and drop coding program Scratch, developed at MIT. Campers will make their very own games and gain a great foundation to move into more advanced programming languages. No prior coding experience is required to participate, just come prepared to learn and have fun! Led by Hannah & Jessica

ENGINEERING (4-5th) - $200  

Learn the basics of the engineering design process as well as different engineering fields through hands-on activities and the use of high-tech lab machines. Your new knowledge will help you solve fun challenges throughout the week and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will help you far beyond summer camp. Led by Natalie

MURDER MYSTERY (4-5th) - $200  

Forensic Science meets Brainbenders in Murder Mystery camp! Put on your detective hat and get ready to hone your critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills through an immersive Whodunit, escape room scenario. Campers will have so much fun cracking the case, they won't even realize they’re learning! Led by Ali, Diego & Hannah

ROBOTICS (4-5th) - $200  

Using the newest LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor kits, campers will develop basic coding skills as they design and build a robot to complete fun daily challenges. By learning the engineering design process, campers will build critical thinking skills that will help them prepare their robot to perform tasks both effectively and efficiently. Led by Max & Lora

MS Mastercamps allow preteens and teens to elevate their experience and build skills that will come in handy in high school and beyond. Ready to level up your Fab Lab experience? Let's do it!

BIOLOGY (6-8th) - $200  

Throughout the week, campers will explore a variety of Biology fields from Botany to Marine Biology to Microbiology and beyond! Creating a giant cell model, extracting DNA from strawberries, inspecting organisms under microscopes, building a terrarium and studying sea animals are just a taste of what campers can expect in this hands on camp. Led by Connor, Jessica & Karissa

CODING & GAME DESIGN (6-8th) - $200  

Learn the basics of programming language Python and then utilize your newfound skills to program your own video game and computer-generated artwork! Build technical and problem-solving skills while learning the ins and outs of the Python programming environment (the same language used to build Instagram, Google and Netflix). No prior Python experience is required to participate, just a willingness to learn and have fun! Led by Nicolas, Uday & Tiago

ENGINEERING BOTS (6-8th) - $200  

Returning by popular demand! The worlds of Engineering and Robotics collide (literally) in this unique camp that teaches the basics of engineering through robots. First, campers will learn to program LEGO Mindstorm robots to complete various courses and challenges. Then, campers will level up and build a Battlebot to compete against other teams! Through this collaborative camp, students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills they can use for life. Led by Diego & Connor

THEATER & PROP DESIGN (6-8th) - $200  

It’s showtime! In our first-ever Theater Design camp, students will learn the engineering design process and build technical skills as they use high-tech Fab Lab equipment to create a set and props for a live-action play. Each and every camper will serve an important role in bringing the performance to life. The week culminates in a Parents Showcase where students will present their play and show off their designs! Camp features special guest from local community theatre. Led by Lily & Natalie


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Camp and lab-wide COVID-19 policies revised 5/19/21. By registering your child in a camp session, you agree to the following policies and expectations.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Check-in will take place at 8:30am, outside of the main entrance located near the rear of the building. In an effort to reduce crowding, a volunteer will help you check-in your child outside so you do not have to enter the lab.

You are also required to sign your child out when picking them up at 12:30pm. Again, this will be done outside of the building and a volunteer will retrieve your child from the lab. If someone other than you will be picking up your child, please notify lab staff so that person’s name can be added to your account.

General Health and Safety

Face coverings are not required for visitors, program participants, volunteers and members. We do, however, strongly encourage those who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to continue wearing a face covering while in the lab. In the event a camper or volunteer does not have a face covering, we will have extras available.

Professional cleaning and sanitation of the lab is increased during the summer. Laptops, lab equipment and other tools used during camp sessions will be sanitized daily using EPA-approved cleaning products.

Antibacterial hand soap will be available in restrooms and antibacterial hand sanitizer will be available throughout the lab for easy access and use.

Dress Code

Students should wear comfortable, fitted, casual clothing and CLOSED-TOE and CLOSED-HEEL shoes. Gym or tennis shoes – NO SANDALS or FLIP FLOPS. Loose clothing and jewelry are not permitted for safety purposes and long hair must be secured.  


Please pack a snack or lunch for your child to enjoy during the daily designated snack time. Please make sure your child brings a refillable bottle for water which they can refill at the lab.

Release Forms

Waiver, Release and Authorization forms are mandatory for your child’s participation. You will be required to acknowledge these forms during registration. 

Cancelations & Waitlist

Cancelations must be made at least 7 days in advance of your enrolled camp session to qualify for a full refund. Cancelations made less than one week out from camp will qualify for a 50% refund. Cancelations must be made in writing to info@suncoastscience.org or by calling 941-840-4394. Cancelations by voicemail will not be accepted. No-shows do not qualify for a refund. If your child has to be picked up early or miss one or more days of camp, there is no refund for camp time missed.

You will NOT be charged when adding yourself to a camp waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be notified in the order they were added to the waitlist if a spot becomes available. We will notify you as early as possible by phone or email if there is an opportunity to move off the waitlist and include instructions on how to process your camp payment.

Student Expectations

For each student to have a positive, safe experience in Fab Lab summer camps, we have established the following expectations.

  1. Walking is our preferred mode of transportation while working in the lab! Please refrain from running.
  2. No food or drink (including candy and gum) is allowed in classroom or machine areas. Snacks you bring will be set aside for snack time.
  3. The Golden Rule… Treat others as you would like to be treated! This means raising your hand to speak, respecting others’ personal space, being considerate, kind and helpful, using appropriate language, etc.
  4. Treat our machines and tools respectfully... like they are your own!
  5. We have two camps running simultaneously each week. Please be sure to stay with your group at all times.

Three Strikes Policy

To reinforce these rules and encourage an appropriate and safe learning environment, we employ the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” policy in relation to the above expectations.

  • Reminder: A reminder of our expectations will be given to the student.
  • Warning: The student will be removed from camp activities for a short period of time.
  • Action: We will discuss the behavior in question when you pick up your child. This is the student’s first strike.

If the behavior continues, we will contact you by phone during camp hours to discuss. This is the student’s second strike.

If the behavior ceases to stop after the first two strikes, we will contact you to immediately pick up your child from camp. This is the student’s third and final strike.

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