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Science Lending Library

Homeschool family dives into learning with the “Traveling Turtles” kit.

The Science Lending Library is OPEN for the 2023-24 school year! Please review the kits at the bottom of the page and complete the request form below.

Our Science Lending Library offers cutting-edge equipment and science kits to educators in Sarasota and Manatee Counties at no cost. Through the Science Lending Library, educators are able to enhance their curriculum and promote exploration for an improved understanding of science concepts. Educators include traditional teachers as well as homeschool families.

All kits and equipment are currently aligned with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

2023-2024 Lending Periods

2024 Summer Lending Periods

Acceleration Cars

(Grades 4th – 12th) Explore Physical Science concepts like mechanics, velocity, speed, motion and acceleration with this hands on kit. The Acceleration Cars kit comes with instructional sheets, pull-back trucks, gram weight kits, timers and meter sticks as well as suggested activities.

Biosmount Specimens

(Grades 8th – 12th) Specimens included in this kit are squid, mammal heart and dogfish shark. The squid biosmount displays a latex injected and labeled circulatory system. The mammal heart biosmount is labeled mid-sagittal dissection separating the heart into two valves and showing the four chambers, valves, papillary muscles, interventricular septum and aorta. The dogfish… Read More »

Constant Velocity Car

(Grades 4th – 12th) This simple but powerful toy provides a visible source of uniform speed. Students can easily quantify and graph their results, starting them on the road to a conceptual understanding of motion. The Constant Velocity Car comes with a data sheet including background, product information, and suggested activities. (Kit also includes tape… Read More »

Classification Kit

(Grades 6th – 12th)  Make scientific classification a hands-on activity with this interactive kit. Using the colorful and durable Bio Cards and a classification key, students learn how to group organisms according to common traits. Kit also includes a teacher’s manual and student data sheets.

Density Kit

(Grades 6th – 8th) This 48-piece density set provides four different sized specimens for each of 12  different materials. Each set of 4 density samples comes in its own tube for easy management. Measuring the mass and volume of each sample specimen allows students to plot Mass vs. Volume, and determine the density of their individual… Read More »

Dynamic DNA

Dynamic DNA

(Grades 6 – 8th) Discover what makes you different from everyone else. Build a model of DNA that shows the unique structure deduced by Watson, Crick and Franklin. This can be done in conjuction with the extension activity for DNA extraction. Kit includes Knex sets, DNA component guides, laminated visuals of DNA structure and Knex… Read More »

Energy House

(Grades 2nd-12th) Experiment with energy-efficient materials, heating, cooling, conduction, convection, and insulation. Investigate Earth’s climate, the water cycle, and solar power. Construct and test solar, wind, and heat collection methods and learn about the energy conservation tricks used by plants. The kit contains energy houses, instructions, scientific explanations, and energy-saving tips. Some experiments require additional supplies.  

Florida’s Natural Resources

(Grades 4th – 5th) Students will investigate resources in Florida and determine if they are renewable or nonrenewable. Kit includes examples of resources to show students (such as sand/silicon, water, potting soil with fertilizer/phosphate, photo of wind turbine and sun, limestone and empty bottle of car oil), lesson plans, articles on Florida resources, renewable energy… Read More »

Fossil Specimen Collections

(Demo Use)(Grades 6th – 12th) Contains 3 fossil collections: Cenozoic, Paleozoic, & Mesozoic. All specimens are number coded with key. Cenozoic Fossils: Contains 15 specimens, some of which represent life-forms of 60 million years ago, but were the forerunners of many modern mammals and other life-forms. These fossils start with the Paleocene and go to the… Read More »

Genetic Corn Activity

(Grades 6th – 8th) Students work out monohybrid, dihybrid and test crosses using Punnett squares then collect data from real ears of corn and compare the expected results to the actual results. The included ears of corn have been specially polyurethaned to prevent “picking” and moth infestation.  Includes materials for five student groups: 5 specimens… Read More »

Gyroscopic Wheel & Turntable

(Demo Use)(Grades 5th-12th) Stand on a rotational turntable and twist the handheld wheel to demonstrate gyroscopic motion and the conservation of angular momentum, or tie a rope to an eye screw in one of the handles of the spinning wheel to demonstrate precess. Includes turntable, bicycle wheel, mini gyroscope & activity instructions. Turntable can support up… Read More »

Hydroponics Kit

(Demo Use) (Grades K – 5th) These large test tubes are the perfect size for sprouting seeds and growing seedlings. Use different soil types, or no soil at all, to grow and compare seedlings. A 360-degree view of growing plants from the roots up. Does not include seeds or substrates.

Kinetic Energy Ball Drop

(Grades 5th-12th) Demonstrate the relationship between speed and kinetic energy by dropping a ball from two different heights onto a bed of soft clay. For the second drop, the ball is traveling twice as fast, and it forms a crater four times as deep, indicating that it has four times the energy. After the demonstration,… Read More »

Laser Prism Set

(Demo Use)(Grades 6th-12th) Study refraction and reflection using the laser ray box and 7 prisms in this economical set. Use the graduated circle printed on the set’s mat to measure angles of reflection and refraction. Set features double-convex, double-concave, trapezoid, rectangular, semicircular, right-angle prisms, mirror and a hollow semicircular prism to measure the optical properties… Read More »

Light Box and Optical Set

(Grades 6th-12th) The original “Hodson” Light Box and Optical Set includes all the equipment needed to perform 30 experiments on reflection, refraction, and color. The durable light box has an adjustable lens that can project a parallel, convergent, or divergent beam. The front face accommodates slit plates or color filters and the rear hinged mirrors… Read More »

Magnet Kit

(Grades K – 4th) Amaze your students with the wonders of magnetism as they make magnets float in midair, go on a magnetic scavenger hunt, even see how a magnet’s poles work! This kit has all your class needs for unlimited exploration and discovery, including horseshoe magnets, powerful bar magnets, magnetic wands, compasses and more. Includes… Read More »

Moon Phases

(Grades 4th – 5th) The purpose of this investigation is for students to explain how the moon appears to change shape through “phases of the moon”. Students will engage in hands on exploration that allows for a deep understanding that describes the visual changes in the appearance of the Moon. Students will understand that the… Read More »

Our Star Outer Space Lab

(Grades 5th-12th) Explores our universe by investigating the use of spectroscopes, an astrolabe, scale models, astrophotography, and other astronomer’s tools. Includes two DVDs, a teacher’s guide, answer sheets and evaluations. Expendable supplies not included.

pH Meter

(Grades 4th – 12th) Fast and accurate readings from 0 to 14 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH. This compact tester features an easy-to-read LCD and simple to perform two-point calibration. Kit includes storage solution, calibration solutions, and pipets for rinsing.

Planets Lab

(Grades 5th-12th) Students create a scale model of the solar system, then analyze the processes that formed the planets, study planetary motion, and synthesize a comet. Includes the DVD Planets:New Discoveries. The Planets Videolab® consists of 10 workstations, including one observation station plus teacher’s guide. Expendable supplies not included.  

Plant & Animal Cell Kit

(Grades 6th – 12th) Kit includes: 5 plant & animal cell slide sets and 2 cell models for demonstration purposes. Slide set includes 5 slides demonstrating the basic similarities and differences between animal and plant cells. Includes human cheek cells, Amphiuma liver, cork, onion bulb epidermis, privet leaf. Cell models come with identification key and… Read More »

Principles of Mendelian Genetics Lab

(Grades 6th – 12th) Students will explore how genetic ratios are derived from two basic laws of probability, as well as simulate monohybrid crosses of peas to understand how alleles are passed on, how traits are determined, and how to predict segregation. Also simulate a dihybrid cross of peas to understand independent assortment. Contains materials… Read More »

Plant Maze

(Demo Use)(Grades K – 5th) Plant a bean and watch it sprout and wind its way through a maze that you design. Watch the roots develop inside the transparent soil container, too. Includes a plastic maze with several adjustable shelf pieces, a see-through planter/root viewer, two cover cards to block light during germination, a watering pipette,… Read More »

Rock Collection

(Demo Use)(Grades 2nd -12th) Collection specimens include examples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, rock forming minerals, ore forming minerals, and industrial minerals. Collection contains 40 1.5″-2″ number-coded specimens, in a compartment tray and complete Rocks & Minerals Study Guide.

Rotation and Revolution

(Grades 4th – 5th) How does Earth move in space? The purpose of this investigation is for students to learn how to identify and describe the differences between Earth’s rotation and revolution. Students will engage in hands on exploration that allows for a deep understanding of the difference between each type of movement. Kit includes… Read More »

Storms Lab

(Grades 5th – 12th) Features 10 to 12 hands-on activities that can help students understand the concepts behind the basic weather conditions that produce our most common storms. Includes 2 DVDs, Thunderstorms: Nature’s Fury and Hurricanes: Earth’s Greatest Storms, teacher’s guide, instructions for 12 complete workstations, student answer sheets, learning outcomes, pretests and post tests.  Expendable… Read More »

Tectonic Sandbox

(Demo Use) (Grades 6th – 12th) Demonstrates convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries in an easy-to-use, self-contained, hands-on model. Students predict landform creations along tectonic boundaries as the crustal plates push, pull, and slide past each other in minutes instead of millions of years. Expendable supplies not included.  Consumable materials needed: white sand and colored sand.

Thermal Energy Kit

(Grades 1st-12th) Explore heat transfer, absorption and reflection of heat, phase changes, chemical & physical changes, and thermal conductivity with this hands-o thermal energy kit. Kit contains materials for two hands-on investigations (Ice Melting Blocks and Chemical Heat Packs) and IR temperature gauges. Ice Melting Blocks Activity: Touch these two black blocks, and one feels… Read More »

Tuning Fork Kit

(Grades K – 5th) Use this tuning fork set and cups of water to explore sound and vibration with your students.  Includes two sets of tuning forks, cups and special “sound spoon headphones” for students to experiment with how sound waves travel through different substances.

Turtle Trunk: Darker Skies, Darker Beaches

Turtle Trunk: Darker Skies, Darker Beaches

(Grades 3rd – 8th) The Darker Skies, Darker Beaches kit teaches students about the impacts lighting can have on sea turtle nesting.  Students learn all about sea turtle biology, forms of energy, what makes a circuit, and how to create sea turtle-friendly lighting.  Activities include:  Hands-on stations, an interactive Power Point presentation with games, developing… Read More »

Turtle Trunk: Traveling Turtles

(Grades 3rd – 8th) Students will learn about what makes a sea turtle a sea turtle as well as nesting habits, how to sample a population like real scientists, as well as how to collect data from their very own sea turtle model. Activities include: Out-of-the seat games that teach about different aspects of turtle… Read More »

Waves & Sound Kit

This kit consists of five hands-on experiments to explore the properties of waves and sound. Students experiment with concepts such as frequency, amplitude, period, interference, resonance and the Doppler effect. This complete “activity stations” lab kit is suitable for introductory or advanced-level class. Detailed instructions and all necessary materials are provided.

Weather Forecasting Lab

(Grades 5th – 12th) These hands-on activities help your students understand basic weather concepts about processes in our atmosphere. Students learn how to use weather instruments to gather data for their own classroom weather station. Kit consists of a week’s worth of activities, including 2 DVDs: Weather at 5:00 and The Hydrologic Cycle, materials for… Read More »

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