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STEAM Saturdays Classes


jan-april 2024 steam saturdays registration is now open!


Physics class

Join us every Saturday for a FUN, hands on exploration into different areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math! Students will take part in unique activities and collaborative challenges plus create take-home projects using high-tech Fab Lab equipment like the vinyl cutter, laser cutter, foam cutter and more.

STEAM Saturdays classes are developed for students, by our talented high school instructors.

Saturdays, 9:00am-1:00pm
$45 per class, includes all supplies

Please pay close attention to the grade range for each class. Do not enroll in a class if your child does not meet the specified grade.

January 2024

1/6: Astrophysics (6-8th grade)

1/13: Our Solar System (4-5th grade) 

1/20: Pollinator Palooza (2-3rd grade)

1/20: World Builders (6-8th grade)

1/27: Science of Dance (2-3rd grade)

1/27: Machine Arts (4-5th grade)



2/3: Ecosystems (2-3rd grade)

2/3: Natural Disasters (4-5th grade)

2/10: Valentine's Day Chemistry: Chemistry of Love (4-5th grade)

2/17: Cell Mania (6-8th grade)

2/24: RoboRumble Robot Brawl (4-5th grade)

MARCH 2024

3/2: STEM Superheroines (4-5th grade)

3/9: Python Coding Adventure (6-8th grade)

3/16: Math of Music (2-3rd grade)

3/23: Fiery Fab Lab: Chemistry Edition (6-8th grade)

3/30: Art in Coding (4-5th grade)

APRIL 2024

4/13: STEAM Treasure Hunt (4-5th grade)

4/13: Fashion Design (2-3rd grade)

4/20: Earth Day Extravaganza (4-5th grade)

4/20: Architects in Action (6-8th grade)


MAY 2024

5/4: Sports Medicine (6-8th grade) New date!


please remember to abide by grade levels when enrolling. thank you!


New to the Fab Lab? For your first time registering, simply click the Get Started button after clicking the green button above and follow the prompts to add your child(ren) as "Members." Once your children are added, select "Enroll in a Program" from the "Youth Memberships" screen and choose the 2022-23 STEAM Saturdays session(s) you wish to enroll in. You will checkout on the secured site from there. Please follow the same process to be added to a waitlist. You will NOT be charged when waitlisted. If you have any questions, call 941-840-4394 or info@suncoastscience.org.

Did you know? As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we rely on donations to operate engaging programs like STEAM Saturdays. Consider sponsoring another child to attend our programs when registering or make a general donation by clicking here. Your support makes a difference in the lives of tomorrow's innovators!


Click on the class name below for the full description!


The universe is filled with mysteries, ranging from how our solar system formed to the very existence of gravity! Explore the wonders of space, from planets and stars to galaxies, as we unravel the mysteries of the universe with the simple explanation of physics!

Led by Parker & Rohan

Architects in Action

Why doesn't the Empire State Building fall over during storms? Because of its structure! Embark on a hands-on exploration of the principles that make buildings and bridges stand tall. Through creative challenges, students will learn how to design and construct an empire of their own miniature structures, discovering the fascinating world of shapes and materials that form buildings today.

Led by Aashima & Rohan

Art in Coding

Code art is a unique intersection of design, art and programming! Students will learn how to create algorithmically determined computer-generated artwork. Code art is proven to be one of the most interesting ways to get people interested in coding. Join us! Coding experience NOT required.

Led by Nicolas, Prabhav & Rohan

Cell Mania

What's the one universal structure involved in all forms of life? Cells! Discover their functions, parts, and structures through involved learning and microscopy, and compare types of cells including bacterial and eukaryotic. Dive into the world of organelles, DNA, and eukaryotic vs. prokaryotic with this fun cell-ebration of all things microscopic!

Led by Alex & Jiayi

Earth Day Extravaganza

Celebrate Earth Day and learn about our beautiful planet through fun, hands on activities that practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Plus, we'll experiment with ecology!

Led by Isabela & Alison


This class is specially designed for young children to embark on an exciting adventure through the wonders of the natural world. We'll discover the secrets of plants, animals, and ecosystems in a playful and interactive environment. Using hands-on activities and exciting games that foster a deeper appreciation for the environment, students will learn about all the mechanisms of nature as they take their first steps into the captivating realm of ecology!

Led by Lily & Florentina

Fashion Design

Are you an aspiring fashion designer? At the Fashion Design STEAM Saturdays class, you can use teamwork and technology to design an outfit, bring it to life, and show it off on the runway. Additionally, you'll learn basic design principles, a little fashion history, and play fun fashion games!

Led by Elena & Jiayi

Fiery Fab Lab: Chemistry Edition

Put yourself in the shoes of a chemist! With fiery experiments, it's sure to be a blast! We'll explore ideas of energy and heat, backed up with amazing demonstrations and fun, hands-on activities. Prepare to have a heap of flaming fun! All activities, demonstrations, and experiments will be rigorously tested and monitored by staff to ensure everyone's safety.

Led by Jake & Daniel

Machine Arts

Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of limitless imagination through the use of graphic design programs like Corel Draw. Join us to bring your imaginative creations to reality using innovative Fab Lab machines like the laser cutter and vinyl cutter!

Led by Helen, Taytum & Angela

Math of Music

What do songs on the radio, operas, and instrumental jazz pieces all have in common? Math! Delve into the exciting intersection between music and math with this basic music theory course. We will discover the calculations behind music creation and the basic mathematical structure of songs.

Led by Ava & Hannah

Natural Disasters

Raging storms, thrashing, tsunamis, destructive tornadoes, prepare to be blown away! Set out on an adventure with us as we explore different natural disasters with fascinating demonstrations, awesome activities and plenty of hands-on learning. Join us as we investigate the amazing phenomena that we call natural disasters.

Led by Jake, Alison & Ariana

Our Solar System: An Adventure Through Our Celestial Neighborhood!

3….2….1….BLAST OFF!! Embark on a quest through our solar system, with exciting activities, cool experiments, and plenty of fun! We will explore the marvel of our sun, the wonder of our planets and the spectacle of everything in between! Join us on a voyage you'll never forget!

Led by Jake & Daniel

Pollinator Palooza

Did you know that pollinators are responsible for around ⅓ of the food we eat? While pollinators may be tiny, that's a huge impact! Explore the world of these pollinating creatures and their mechanisms through exciting hands-on activities. We'll reveal the pollination structures these organisms possess and their roles in the food chain.

Led by Alex

Python Coding Adventure

Attention aspiring programmers! Get ready to unleash your coding superpowers in this class. Learn Python from scratch and make your own games and art. No experience is needed—just your imagination and willingness to explore!

Led by Nicolas, Prabhav & Evan

RoboRumble Robot Brawl

The worlds of Engineering and Robotics collide in this unique class that will challenge you to build and program a robot to battle against others. Get ready to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills through an awesome adventure where learning meets innovation. If you participated in LEGO RoboRumble or are interested in joining in the future, this class is a great place to start!

Led by Nicolas, Evan, Isabela, Hannah, Sheli & Mackenzie

Science of Dance

5, 6, 7, 8! Have you ever wondered why dancers don't fall over? Is it magic? No… it's PHYSICS! Join us to learn more about the physics behind dancing, and experience the forces of dance in this STEAM Saturday class.

Led by Ava, Aashima & Ariana

Sports Medicine

1, 2, 3, HUT! Football is known as one of the more injury-inducing sports, about 18.7% of Starter Quarterbacks have been permanently injured this season! But how exactly do these injuries occur? What are the body mechanisms for injury, and procedures for recovery? We'll play and learn more about Sports Medicine in this class.

Led by Ava & Aashima

STEAM Treasure Hunt

Argh Matey's! All aboard the S.S. STEAM! Join us for a boatload of fun puzzle-solving involving a range of STEAM subjects in order to find the hidden treasure!

Led by Parker, Mackenzie & Prabhav

STEM Superheroines

Celebrate Women's History Month and learn about women's past discoveries and innovations. Participate in STEM projects, hands-on activities and interactive experiments. We'll also learn how to use microscopes and model DNA like many of the brilliant women innovators before us!

Led by Hannah, Isabela & Mackenzie

Valentine's Day Chemistry: The Chemistry of Love

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! But everyone knows you can't have love without CHEMISTRY! If you want to learn about the fundamental attractions of chemistry, like bonds and reactions, this is the perfect marriage of science and fun!

Led by Mackenzie & Sheli

World Builders

In this imaginative course, students embark on a journey to engineer their own world, exploring the intricacies of geography, cultures, and societies. Through hands-on activities, students will hone their critical thinking skills and even have the opportunity to bring their world to life using Fab Lab machines. Get ready to unleash your imagination and build the world of your dreams!

Led by Calder & Fisher

Learning how to solder
Food Science vacuum former
Chemistry fun!


STEAM Saturdays Policies & Expectations

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Check in will take place at 9:00am, inside the main entrance located near the rear of the building. A volunteer or staff member will help you check in your child. If someone other than you will be picking up your child, please notify lab staff at check in.

You are also required to sign your child out when picking them up at 1:00pm. Again, this will be done inside the building and a volunteer will retrieve your child from the lab or classroom.

General Health and Safety

Face coverings are no longer required for visitors, program participants, volunteers and members. We are, however, strongly encouraging those who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to continue wearing a face covering while in the lab.

The lab and its machines and equipment are regularly professionally cleaned and sanitized with EPA-approved products.

Antibacterial hand soap is available in restrooms and antibacterial hand sanitizer is available throughout the lab for easy access and use.

Dress Code

Students should wear comfortable, fitted, casual clothing and CLOSED TOE and CLOSED HEEL shoes. Gym or tennis shoes – NO SANDALS or FLIP FLOPS permitted. Loose clothing and jewelry are not permitted for safety purposes and long hair must be secured.


Please pack a snack for your child to enjoy during the daily designated snack time. Snacks WILL NOT be provided. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle that can be refilled at the lab.

Release Forms

Waiver, Release and Authorization forms are mandatory for your child’s participation. You will be required to acknowledge these forms during class registration.


The registration portal has the most current information regarding open spots and waitlists. You will NOT be charged when adding yourself to a class waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be notified in the order they were added to the waitlist if a spot becomes available. We will notify you as early as possible by phone or email if there is an opportunity to move off the waitlist and include instructions on how to make payment.

Cancelations & Refund Policy

Cancelations must be made at least 10 days in advance of your enrolled class session to qualify for a full refund. Cancelations made less than 10 days out from class will qualify for a 50% refund. Cancelations must be made in writing to info@suncoastscience.org or by calling 941-840-4394. Cancelations by voicemail will not be accepted. No-shows do not qualify for a refund. If your child has to be picked up early, there is no refund for class time missed.

We reserve the right to cancel a class if 8 or fewer students are enrolled. In the case of a cancelation due to low enrollment, a full refund will be provided.

Student Expectations

For each student to have a positive, safe experience in STEAM Saturdays classes, we have established the following expectations.

  1. Walking is our preferred mode of transportation while working in the lab! Please refrain from running.
  2. No food or drink (including candy and gum) is allowed in classroom or machine areas unless agreed upon with staff or volunteers. Snacks you bring will be set aside for snack time.
  3. The Golden Rule… Treat others as you would like to be treated! This means raising your hand to speak, respecting others’ personal space and keeping your hands to yourself, being considerate and helpful, using appropriate language, etc.
  4. Treat our machines and tools respectfully... like they are your own!
  5. There may be other programs running concurrently with STEAM Saturdays. Please be sure to stay with your group at all times.

Three Strikes Policy

To reinforce these rules and encourage an appropriate and safe learning environment, we employ the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” policy in relation to the above expectations.

  • Strike 1 (Reminder): A reminder of our expectations will be given to the student.
  • Strike 2 (Warning): The student will be removed from class activities for a short period of time.
  • Strike 3 (Action): We will contact you to immediately pick up your child from the lab. Depending on the severity of the behavior, future participation in lab activities may be impacted.


Meet your FABulous instructors

STEAM Saturdays classes are developed for students, by talented student instructors that are part of our Student Planning & Education Committee (SPEC). Click here to learn more about the program and instructors!

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