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Turtle Trunk: Darker Skies, Darker Beaches

Turtle Trunk: Darker Skies, Darker Beaches

(Grades 3rd – 8th) The Darker Skies, Darker Beaches kit teaches students about the impacts lighting can have on sea turtle nesting.  Students learn all about sea turtle biology, forms of energy, what makes a circuit, and how to create sea turtle-friendly lighting.  Activities include:  Hands-on stations, an interactive Power Point presentation with games, developing a circuit and testing conductors/insulators, using the Engineering Design Process to develop and implement your own light fixture, and assessing your school’s lighting.

Some of the trunk items include: Skull replicas of the 3 sea turtles we see nesting on Florida’s beaches as well as a corresponding food item for each, circuit walls, all the items to engineer a turtle-friendly light fixture, real light fixtures, and turtle-friendly light testers.

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