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Turtle Trunk: Traveling Turtles

(Grades 3rd – 8th) Students will learn about what makes a sea turtle a sea turtle as well as nesting habits, how to sample a population like real scientists, as well as how to collect data from their very own sea turtle model. Activities include: Out-of-the seat games that teach about different aspects of turtle biology, a nesting relay race, a population sampling game, and our Rehab or Release program that has students making inferences based on observational data. (Kit includes skull replicas of the five sea turtles we see in Florida’s waters as well as a corresponding food item for each, 10 individualized model turtles, 10 calipers, measuring tapes, a scale, and a lesson binder. Also includes interactive videos.)

Suncoast Science Center
4452 S Beneva Road
Sarasota Florida 34233

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